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However, upon finishing the book and downloading the Excel spreadsheet that comes with it, I found that the time needed to create risk return ratios made the strategy impractical to use.

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The calculation is based on the price of the underlying stock, the current and historical implied volatilities of that stock, the Greeks Delta, Gamma, Vega, Theta and Rho of the spread that was developed from the stock options, and the risk-free interest rate. These data must be transferred from an outside source, such as a trading platform, to the spreadsheet in a Excel-compatible format.

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In return, the spreadsheet calculates a single data point for each of three RRRs: a reward that, in my opinion, is not worth the effort. If your trading platform can calculate Greeks from different stock prices, and you are willing to spend several hours transferring these data to the spreadsheet, you can create a table that provides the same information as those in the book.

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Figure 1 attached to this review includes a table that was created in the above manner. The spread comprises the sale of 20 near-term monthly option contracts Jan17,15, The graph above the table is a risk profile, at expiration, of the same spread. The table and graph cover DIA prices that range from The book emphasizes that the RRRs represent only the risks posed by an instantaneous change in the price of the underlying stock.

The time it takes for these changes to occur is not considered.

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Consequently, the RRRs must be updated frequently, or they would quickly lose their validity. If a trading platform could be programmed to calculate RRRs in real time, I would butterfly option strategy excel that Johnson has developed a useful strategy for the day to day management of delta-neutral option spreads. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

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Some more specific comments follow. Figure 2 compares graphs of the vertical skew Figure 1.

Best butterfly option strategy (in hindi) - for monthly regular income from share market

Are the more recent data weighted? Butterfly option strategy excel — A RRR of minus 4 is used as an arbitrary warning when risks become unfavorable.

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The attached Figure 1 includes a risk profile of a double diagonal spread at expiration. Note that the lower break-even point at A warning level Page — Figure 8. The text states that the IV daily volatility is computed from the five-day average of the most recent annual IV.

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It is not clear why there would be nine different IV values when only one value could be derived from the recent, five-day average. Figure 8.

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My point here is that it is not clear where the Tables and Charts are getting IV values.